11th july2008
After arriving from Katmandu it was lovely to enjoy the peace and quite and the fabulous views. The resort is very beautiful and the staffs are very friendly. They even arranged a music evening which was a unique experience. Thank you for the good care.

11th July 2008
To see Annapurna, Manaslu and the Ganesh at 5:45 in the morning was great. In the mansoon time you should cherish every opportunity you get to see the mountains, and this view was really special.
Together with the nice staff and the good food and the comfortable tents, this resort is quite nice!
Rqb, Marga & Urn cent Oord,
The Netherlands

19th July 2008
Thank you over so much far your nice and comfortable house. Your food is also very good.  Its wonderful place to see beautiful mountain. May our good god bless you! Love Nepal!
In prayers, Srm Gabrsel Ken

19th July 2008
We came on a short trek through the local villages & came upon a little oasis in the mountains. Great view all around. The staff was excellent & made for a good night had by all. Even ROXY made an appearance. Keep on the good work.
Australia & England

25th July 2008
Thank you for a very nice couple days in your resort! We had a very good time with the lovely view, Wine and candles and very good food!
Roel Jimmy & Hoor

23rd august 2008
Thanks for the nice stay here in these great tents!! The food was great and the staff was and the staffs were very friendly. We had a great hike up on the hill. En enjoyed the view at most at sun set……….
A lovely peace area. And many happy children. But walk up here was awful…….but worthy!!
Thanks for everything!!
Greets Niels and Michael
From Holland

Xanadu on a hilltop. Amazing rooms and tents, the little details in the rooms are lovely, the materials, and the earthed floors. It was such a lovely night, the music, the dancing, the roxy and the whole villages coming for a good time, the stars at night are outrageous. The food was great, bravo on the chicken bolognaise!!
Then to get up at 5:00 and watch the sun raising at the top of Ganesh, and then the other tops was to much for words,……….. Thank you for a great stay I’ll sure to return for a honeymoon. All going well

17th Sept 2008
I am really happy to be here. Beautiful place, excellent view east to west. Excellent service, nice staff so I would like to come again and again. Hope our aim will be successful in future.
Thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality.
Nepal Kaze travel
Nepal Panorama trek. P. (Ltd)
Pitamber Gurung

24th Sept 2008
This place is like a Shangri-La. Truly amazing experience the food, the rooms, the views & the garden. The best way to enjoy this place is to just laze around & pamper you with the great hospitability on resort.
The icing on the cake was the excellent view of “Spiny Babbler”. The endemic bird was lish on my wish   list & I was not disappointed.
Thank you very much
Atul Jain

7th Oct 2008
Although it was a little bit cloudy during our stay we still enjoyed being here very much. The food was delicious, the staff very friendly and the tent very cozy. Thank you

30th Oct 2008
What a wonderful place! We have seen so many beautiful things & experienced great hospitality especially from Shiva and Maila…….
The special temple with scaring eagles & many butterflies, sharing Tihar rotis with Shiva’s family, tasting the raxi and at the end of the day sitting under millions of star listening to the drums & singing from the vailley with fireflies around us. The tihar night made the whole experience magical.
Thank you
Pam, Catherine & Fran

15th Nov 2008
We’ve stayed in the resort for 2 weeks with a group of 20 people, building a day care center in “APRI”, down the hill. Being in this Resort was really a pleasure! The cook made every day 3 fantastic meals; all laundry was done by Shiva and his crew. Sitting in the terrace with some drinks was pleasure! And the music and dancing gives a perfect local atmosphere on our stay here! Thanks for all your Support!
Roelvd Steen and A to S group

13th Jan 2009
It is a very nice place to stay with the nature beauty, the view here, the nice whether, the
Hospitality of the people here. I hope I will come back again!
Thanks for every thing
Esther Chua
Sadah, Malaysia

24th Jan 2009
We came here with no expectations at all. The bigger the surprise was to find such a beautiful resort. Get a beautiful room and meet nice people who are taking care of us so nicely. And last but no least the food, SO GOOD! We will recommend it all.
Thank you!
Gerard and Hinde Scheppint
The Netherlands

24th Jan 2009
For a moment of peace and happiness we recommend this resort, as it is all here. Also some great musicians living nearby
Jyoti Pandey & Eric Veenhuis

28th Feb 2009
I did volunteer work for 2 months in Pokhara and after that I started to travel. But after going back to Thamel I Wanted some rest and being among the locals again. This place was the answer for me! Ok a little bit expensive after living very basic but the scenery, people and the service were great! I’m definitely going to recommend it to my friends in Pokhara. And Shiva, thank you for every thing and the companionship!!
Best regards,
Didier Bengles
The Netherlands

4th March 2009
A wonderful place! We enjoyed our stay. Rene, thank you for recommending this little heaven on earth. Shiva, thank you for taking good care of us.
Best regards.
Morivque and Rolf Maastnicht

13th March 2009
A place of dreams, this ……….
Gnihe Nuhham

Nameste! Thank you so much wonderful staff and wonderful Nepali hospitality: always smiling & Unaffected
Sweet……………..so sweet

25th March
Thank you once again for the pleasant stay and good care
Pheri Betaula!
Roy Voss

5th April 2009
I’m the happiest person in the earth after 5 days in the camp. Shiva is the real master, the place its amazing and all the people around are the nicest I ever meet. I will miss this place as much as Shivas food. Thank again to Shiva, my new friend. And thank you to the people there beauty and their mountain, their smiles and their hospitality. Hope I come again and something change.

7th April 2009
Thank you for a most pleasant and wonderful stay. If only it could have been longer stay……Diolch
Brehha Robert-Wales UK

7th April 2009
This is my Second Visit and it is still as magical as ever. A real paradise!
I love it here!
Mary Norton (Wales)

7th April 2009
This has been an amazing experience once again! This is truly a magical place and walking yesterday to Siddhasthan temple was fantastic! Thanks for the great food and company. Please don’t change anything about the place! I will be back!
Thank you!

31st July 2009
What a beautiful nice place to stay! I really enjoyed, even saw a little bit of ohe 3 mountains, what makes me very happy. Very nice staffs en people in the village and very good food! Thank you dhanyabad!
Maklinde from
The Netherlands

17th Oct 2009
“KOVA, nepalaya 2nd came.
Tara, Maya and Sapana

We drew and painted the walls. This place is so good. But we didn’t have much time to enjoy the sunrise. If we have a chance, we will come back again.
I really love so much stars in the dark Sky
See you every one.
My e-mail address: tjdgml na@hotmail.net

21st Nov 2009
The rest here compare to the city Kathmandu is more than wonderful. The group of us did climb the mountain to the temple on the top of it. We did enjoy the sunrise very much and that with a cup of tea or coffee, so early in the morning. The service is so good, thank you all for such a great time in your resort.
Lovely greeting, Gerg
Alkmoor, the Netherlands

31st Oct 2009
We visited the resort for 2nd time, and it was as good as we remembered. The views are still amazing; the food is really great and the staff very friendly!
It was nice to visit the health care post again, we have to come back to see it fully operational. Shiva and Maila thanks, again! And see you next time!
Gergan & Younne
The Netherlands

gerjanenyvonne@live.nl    HTTP://gerjan-en-yvonne.reismee.nl

10th Nov 2009
This place feels like a little bit of heaven. I am blessed to have come here. Thank you so much for your hospitality, kindness. I shall definitely see you again.
Stan agus, Beannaight,
Eimeak M’ Donnell